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I finally figured out what it is about this interview I enjoy. This is Misha Collins when he doesn’t really like you. His answers, yes he’s sick and jesus does he do his best but Larry King interrupts him, hasn’t seen the show, is kind of really weird about the threesome thing and calls him a weirdo. Like clearly Larry King didn’t really like him all that much and the feeling was mutual and as the interview went on Misha got more and more … uncooperative? To us, he would never respond that way. We know the story of West’s name, we know why they picked Anaximander as his middle name but Misha is done. He’s not in the mood and he doesn’t like the person he’s talking to so he says “I don’t know” 

It’s fascinating because we only ever see Misha around people he loves. Jensen, Jared, Richard, Matt and all of them, talking to fans, he’s animated, he shares and smiles and has a jovial communicative tone. Add him being sick into it and he is so amusingly done being judged by this man. 



once you start to notice these little turns of phrase you literally can’t unsee them 

'protests turn violent'

'clashes with police'

'violence breaks out'

'rocked by blasts', when referring to gaza bombing 

all the nice vague statements that carefully avoid mentioning an actor, because it sounds worse if you do. this violence just spontaneously started happening, it’s crazy!!!!

i’m really tired of it

We all know the police wanted the riot, they instigated it since the beginning, They love making black people look violent, so they can treat them like “animals” and justify murdering their children without having to pay any price at all whatsoever.

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